My New Casa!

new home!

Probably the most noteworthy thing in my life at the moment is my new house.  My boyfriend of approximately one year (Justin) and I recently signed a lease for a three bedroom house in Plymouth.  Said house is at least 70 (not kidding) years old and since we are getting it so affordably, we are in charge of renovations and minor repairs.  I currently feel as though my life is a terrible episode of “This Old House,” but it is a fun adventure nonetheless.

As a result of this new residence, Lowes and The Family Dollar have become my new favorite stores.  Nothing says “welcome to adulthood, screw you” like giving up fun trips to Old Navy and Express for looking at shower curtains and cleaning products with your significant other.

Another exciting feature of this new home is that instead of being 10 minutes from work in the morning, I am now 25 minutes away.  The kinks are still getting worked out.  Needless to say, the last two mornings I have flown out the door with a wet head.

I am going to stop bitching about the actual structure and be happy that I can now call this man my official live-in boyfriend!  He’s surprisingly domestic and very dedicated to making this place a happy home.

Nice catch 😉



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