Weekends Exhaust Me.

This weekend was filled with house-related activities and a few shifts at the Applebees, which were uneventful.  I went to see Love and Other Drugs last night.  It was mildly disappointing.  I mean, aside from Jake Gyllenhaal looking seksi the whole time, it was not as entertaining or comedic as the previews made it seem.  It gave an interesting perspective on Parkinson’s Disease, though.  And it was nice to get out of the house and avoid the cabinet refurbishing project. Not that I am one to avoid housework. 😉  (What?! I did laundry last night!)

My office is FREEZING today.  Ok, not freezing. But chilly. Sixty degrees is not optimal working conditions.  It could be worse, I could be outside in this bleak weather like J$. Off to save the world.  Or type some boring legal docs.



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