No cable?!

So. The kind folks at Directv have informed me last week that they will not be able to install my cable until December 27.  This was at first devastating news to me. No Gossip Girl, no Modern Family. No Today Show in the morning. No Fa La La La Lifetime before Christmas!? WTF!

This has also made me realize one very important thing: there are many things to do with yourself other than sit in front of the tele for hours on end.  Here is what I have come up with:

1.            Listen to the radio. This is what I do in the mornings now.   Some radio shows are actually really entertaining.  The Froggy 101 DJs crack me up. And I get the news and weather along with some sing a long tunes for doing my hair and makeup.

2.            TV Seasons on DVD. I know, this is kind of cheating.  But introducing my boyfriend to all the seasons of Weeds has provided us with lots of entertainment. Event though I have already seen every episode. Twice.

3.            Video Games.  I have never EVER really been a “gamer,” but I love some old school games like Crash Bandicoot, and J$ is probably on his 40th game of Madden since we entered the house.

4.            Read a book, ya stupid American. Back in the day (aka high school) I used to read CONSTANTLY due to the fact that my mother banned me from the television during the week (along with the computer and telephone, because that is how good grades were developed). I love reading, I just have gotten out of the habit I suppose.  I love it all. Trashy novels, classics, mysteries or something sad and heart-wrenching (Jodi Piccoult).  This morning I placed a good ole Danielle Steele on my nightstand.

5.            Clean that filthy bathroom/kitchen/living room, etc. Chores seem like such a better idea to do when there is not a Jersey Shore marathon that you consider to be a better alternative.

6.            Workout DVD. Its freezing out in NEPA, so this is an excellent indoor workout option.  I informed J$ that we will be doing “Cardio Pilates” soon.  He was not excited.

7.            Talk! I have realized that with no cable, Justin and I eat dinner at the dining room table instead of in front of the TV.  This way we are able to communicate better and discuss the important things in life, like bills and expenses. And Fantasy Football.


I hope that living this way for a month breaks my addiction to the TV, and when I do get cable I will be able to strike a balance between that and other activities.  Yeah right. I CANNOT wait to catch up on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ASAP.




  1. Personally I’m an Atlanta fan, but drama is drama, right!

    I just rediscovered reading too, after a long break. I forgot how much I loved it.

    • Right. Nene is my GIRL.

      • She kills me every time! I want to drink wine and get love advice from her, pronto.

  2. Call KL. Chat with KL on facebook. LTD it.

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