Downy Ball

Who would think that this small device, suggested retail price of $1.99, would drive me completely nuts this weekend?

Since my house is from 1492, there is no dryer.  Which means no dryer sheets to soften the clothes.  This also means that the washer was manufactured approximately in the year 1864 and has no place to put fabric softener.  I love fabric softener.  I have to hang my clothes, which only adds to the “cardboard effect” upon the completion of their drying.  When bitching explaining this issue to my sister on the phone this weekend, she suggested getting a downy ball.  I spent the majority of the day yesterday searching for said “downy ball.” No dice.  Also, I cannot figure out how it works. When I asked my sister she said “magic.” Thanks.  Any tips on where to get a Downy Ball would be seriously appreciated.

Other than adventures in fabric softener, my weekend was relatively tame. I waitressed the whole time, naturally.

I’m hearing Christmas music playing outside.  I think it is coming from the square. Hoping that I have not just lost my mind.

Happy Monday. Find me a Downy Ball.




  1. Probs on ebay.

  2. katyhaltertop

    Buck sixty-five. And if you order up to $25 worth of stuff, free shipping. They sell stuff like TP and shampoo and whatever, so just stock up.

    Or you could just add an extra rinse to the end of every load and dump it in then by hand…

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