Office Tour

My official title at work is “legal secretary.”  There’s lots of downtime, so today I decided to FINALLY charge my battery in my camera and take some office pics.  Enjoy.

Mmmm leftovers

Lunch today is leftover Veggie Lo Mein noodles, a yogurt J$ “borrowed” from the dairy that he works for, along with a fruit punch that he also thieved.  He is the best.  I am eating these cold because I don’t have access to a microwave and I would feel super terrible making the neighboring attorney’s office smell like Chinese after using their microwave.  Oh well. They’re still delish.

corner office with a view. VIP, yo. not really.

This is my view from my office window.  It is Public Square, in Wilkes-Barre.  Typically there are actually people on the square, but it is currently 17 degrees in Wilkes Barre with a wind chill of 1 (not lying) so the people are scarce.  On normal days there are maniacs yelling at each other which makes my day slightly more interesante.

Continuing my tour…

so pimp.

Sometimes I have to type on labels and fill out forms with this bad boy… yep.  A type writer.  Legit from 1982.  Sweet, no?


Also from 1980, these curtains. They. Are. Awful.  Clearly my bosses have zero interest in remodeling. At what point were these considered attractive?

my office nemesis

This bitch thinks that she’s the queen and we’re the sorry people.  I fight with this machine DAILY, continually yelling curse words until it finally spits out what I need. Thankfully I am usually the only person in this office or coworkers would think that I am a maniac and belong out on the square (see above).

a dear friend

The space heater, also from 1980 or earlier, is the only thing getting me through this AWFUL cold.  It’s legit FREEZING in my office.  Also in the photo are my Nine Wests.  My feet hurt and I’m on my lunch break,  don’t judge.



This is my transcriber!! Just like the secretaries  on Mad Men, but not as glamorous.  And also circa-1980.

'tis the season

Get this off my desk asap before I eat the whole thing.  Please.


This is what I’ve really been doing today. Researching… drink recipes.  It’s still research, leave me alone.

oh, and this:

Chatting with KL about really important things.  Liquor and downy balls.

Have a fun Tuesday! Keep toasty!!



  1. Oh hey, it’s me.

    I really like all the pictures, and I hope J and S will use for their law firm website, when that fateful day occurs.

    Also, my dad’s real estate office has that exact typewriter. Must be a Public Square thing.

    • J and S would not smile if they knew i was mocking decor and typewriter. Glad you like pictures.

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