Wild Wednesday?

I honestly have nothing exciting or noteworthy to discuss today.  I was in bed by 9:30P.M. last night and my house smells like Venison Helper (think Hamburger Helper minus the beef and plus Bambi).  I am NOT smiling about this.  Also, like a five year old, I refused to eat it and had a handful of Cheez-its instead.  Mature.

J$ and I are considering a Wild Wednesday tonight since we are old heads now who miss the wild days of our youth.  The majority of my friends are either studying for finals or working, though.  Which means that Wild Wednesday will include myself, J$, and four of his friends who will play Madden the entire time and listen to metal.  You can find me in my room. With the Cheez-its.





  1. I hope they are reduced fat.

    • Nope. On sale at the Price Chopper. J$ doesn’t “allow” reduced fat, anyways. I should purchase out of spite…

  2. BAHAHA!! Cheeze its are the bomb!! I went to bed at 9:30 last night too!! P.S. you are adorable and how did I forget about Will Smith.

    • big willie style love FOR LIFE. ❤ thanks janae!

  3. “(think Hamburger Helper minus the beef and plus Bambi).”

    Laughed so loud at this my coworkers stared.

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