Quirky House

Well Wild Wednesday actually moved itself to Whiskey Business for Wing Night last night.  While they are the most delish wings in all of the Wyoming Valley, they are also killer on the belly the next day.  I think I am having a “wing hangover.” Or a “four mugs of Beam and Ginger Ale” hangover. Whoops.  I was still in bed by midnight and up in time to meet my boss at the Courthouse at 9:00A.M.  Two people asked me if I were an attorney. No, but thanks! See what happens when you blow dry your hair and wear sexxxy heels?! Eight extra professional points.

Today’s post is dedicated to my weirdo house.  I was thinking about it last night, and there are some REALLY odd things in it.  For example:

There are lace curtains over every window.  Each one.  This is on my long list of things to replace post-holidays.

Mi amigo Jesus Christo is in every room, over every door.  This version is what J$ and I call “the stigmata Jesus.”  There is also “homemade Jesus” and “rustic Jesus,” among others.  Now, please do not get me wrong.  I am a Roman Catholic and attended Catholic school my entire life, went to Church every Sunday with my mom at St. Joseph’s in York.  I honestly believe that Jesus is my own personal Lord and Savior. But to see Him in each and every room?  My guilty conscience cannot handle it.  I mean, Gossip Girl gets pretty racy and He shouldn’t have to watch that.  Herein lies my problem:  I feel even worse taking Him down.  I’ll leave one up over the front door for good. The rest can stay for the month of December.  It is His birthday, after all.

This is what J$ and I refer to as “the bull.”  He sits over our sink and watches us do the dishes.  Unsure of its original purpose, we decided that it is AWESOME and definitely staying there.  Note the lace curtains. FML.

In the running for the title of “The Creepiest Part of My House” are these cabinets in the bathroom.  They are Pepto Bismal pink and have strange decals of elephants, balloons and swans.  They are soon to be sanded, primed and repainted white.

The house is old, so it has steam radiators in each room. They are noisy but I have gotten used to them.  The only real issue I have is that i wake up each morning feeling like a coke addict with the driest sinuses in the world.  Instead of getting a humidifier, my lovely mama told me about this trick:  placing a pot of water on the radiator and allowing it to warm up and evaporate in the room.  Now when I woke up this morning, I felt like I was in a tropical rain forest instead of a barren desert.  Equally as hot.  Need to work on temperature control.

I leave you with our Christmas tree:

It stands one foot high and rests on our dining room table.  J$ hates it.  I told him that we can buy a discounted life-sized one marked down at Kmart after Christmas for next year cuz we ain’t made of money.

Enjoy your day.



  1. My christmas tree is the same size.

    I am looking forward to partying with Jesus in Plymouth someday.

    • Dying. I’m happy we are 25.



    2. Bull = friend.

    3. I have not laughed as hard all day as I did when I saw the pink cabinets with animal decals. Please do not paint over.

    4. I hope Jesus is not hanging in your bedroom.

    5. Get a bigger Christmas tree. You don’t even have ornaments on that jawn!

    • haha my sister is giving me new curtains… so they will be down soon. the decals are CREEPISH. there is no jesus in the bedroom, i think Justin may have removed him without my knowledge.

      glad you like my hizzle, la. come see it this weekend!

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