Casual Friday

We have officially made it to Friday, kids.  One week til Christmas Eve! Woo Hoo!!  I came home from work last night and was greeted with a Christmas card from my mom.  It had the entire “Night Before Christmas” poem on the inside.  This definitely brought back some childhood memories since my father (who passed away when I was 11) used to read me this story each Christmas Eve before I put out the cookies and carrots for Santa.  Yes, I definitely teared up a bit. I cannot wait to go home to see my mom for Christmas! She’s fun.

After my sappy card opening, I made fish filets for dinner and set off the smoke alarm.  Whoops.  Thankfully J$ is 6’4” and could very easily deactivate it.  Then I was looking forward to a glass of wine and a Weeds marathon but was unable to locate my bottle opener.  Things were NOT going well.

el diablo

Now I am super-pumped that it is Friday, I am wearing jeans (I instituted a casual Friday dress code for myself a while ago and never asked if it was ok.  In all honesty, I could show up in PJs daily and I don’t think my bosses would ever take notice) and J$ and I have a “Christmas date” tonight, I think we are going to look at lights and listen to carols.  Cute. Have a holly jolly Friday, lovers.



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