Who stole my weekend?

I cannot believe it is Monday already!! I worked 15 hours at Applebees this weekend, it sucked.

Friday night was low-key.  Saturday night, after working a double, I went to a metal show at the New Penny in Scranton.  Now please note that I am not “metal” AT ALL.  I listen to mostly country music and shop at Old Navy and Gap. I am one of the least edgy people you will meet.  But J$’s friend is in a metal band called Praise the Sinner so, to be supportive, I tagged along.

Clearly deactivating your flash makes you WAY more hardcore. \m/  <—– See? metal horns.  I can be edgy.

My evening also included an inappropriately named shot.

dirty condom.... gross name. yet delish.

And Pennsylvania’s favorite lager:

Please note:  If you are ever in PA and you order a “lager,”  this is automatically what the bartender assumes you means and she will give you.  Sam Adams has nothin’ on it.

Editor’s note:  J$ was DDing Saturday night.  Thanks, buddy.

The show was actually really fun.  The guys are super-talented. They even made this girl like metal. Check them out here on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Praise-the-Sinner/117288958293089

and here on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/praisethesinner

I feel like I am getting sick… I really hope not!



  1. I spy an old friend.

    • the dirty condom? oh…. tk! right, right. 😉

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