Holiday Stress

I FINALLY finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, so now all I have left to do is wrap the gifts, finish start packing for York, go to Walmart (ugh) and bake cookies.  In two days?  I can do it! It’s just going to be awful. And stressful. But then I get two days in which I can see family and friends, give J$ his AWESOME gifts, and relax.

bad-ass mofo

Last night I watched Salt and, even though Angelina Jolie is a homewrecking prostitute (IMHO), the movie was really entertaining.  I love Cold War-themed movies.  Two nights ago I watched Eclipse and had to try and enjoy it while my boyfriend confused the Twilight series with True Blood. Yes, the sparkle. No, they do not burst into flames. NO that is not Vampire Bill. Get your vamps straight.  For reals.  I kinda want to rent Easy A for tonight but it may prevent me from getting real things done, like laundry.  I think I am developing a Redbox addiction.

Lastly, in blogging news, please do me a solid and check out

Pa is the father of , a bonafide bloggin’ superstar.  Pa has one post and I’ve fallen for him already.


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