Christmasy Recap

Well it’s been a longish time since I last posted, due to the fact that I had too much shopping, travelling, visiting and eating to do!  I am FINALLY back at my desk today… here’s what happened:

Thursday night Justin and I exchanged gifts since I would be gone for Christmas Eve/Day in York.

Justin’s Phillies stocking… I filled it with a razor, some ice fishing items, and a baby bottle of Jim Beam.  He loved it!

I got my earrings!!! (And he claims he doesn’t read my blog.) How cute is that bag, though?  He was super proud of himself for doing this all on his own.  He did a damn good job, too.  (He got me the chocolates because he knows I have super crazy cravings for them sometimes.  They are heavenly.)

We had a fun night listening to Christmas carols and having a few drinks.

A Christmas beer for J$

And a Skinnygirl Margarita for me.  This was my first time trying these, I love love LOVE Bethenny Frankel. (I’m borderline obsessed with all the Real Housewives.) I was super excited to try her drinks.  It was just ok.  Since it is sweetened with agave nectar it is kind of bitter.  We discovered that adding half a Splenda pack makes it perfect.  Not Christmasy, but still very delish.

The next day I got my life in order to head to York, where I got to hang out (drink a bottle of Red Cat) with my mom, bake some delish pumpkin spice cookies, and visit with the dogs.

Hi! I'd like one, please. Or 17. Thanks.

mmmmmmmm pumpkin

We went to mass then watched Easy A. Which was a dumb movie, don’t waste your money.  On Christmas day we went to my brother-in-law’s house, opened some sweet gifts, and then I made the 2 hour trek home to beat the “big storm” that was threatening the East Coast.  Justin’s mother decided to hold off on Christmas dinner until the next day, which was nice.  This allowed me to relax in PJs and watch He’s Just Not That Into You for the 85th time.  God I love that movie.  J$ had some old friends from high school over so I  stayed up stairs and let them catch up downstairs.

Sunday morning came and Justin and I played a few games of Tomorrow Never Dies, an old Playstation game I took from my house in York before heading over to his parent’s house for an awesome steak dinner and to open gifts.  His family got me WAY more than they should have, and it was all awesome stuff for our house.  His grandparents even got us the “family-sized” Foreman grill.  Words cannot express how excited I am to use that baby this week!!  I forgot to take pics at his mom’s house.  I guess I was too excited about all my sweet loot.  Here’s a pic of Carter and baby Mckenzie from their Christmas card, though:

They’re the cutest.  And they got awesome gifts.

My Christmas was fantastic!! Hope yours was as well!!


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