Massive Disappointments

So basically last night I was expecting the Storm of the Century and then woke up to find an inch of snow on the ground.  Um, I am not impressed.  Apparently the southern states even got like 8 inches of snow.  Northeastern PA, which is basically the Arctic Circle, gets next to nothing.  Oh well. Less to shovel.

Today was supposed to be The Day.  The day that we have been waiting for what feels like an eternity.  Today was supposed to be Directv day.  I got up at 7:15 A.M. to be ready for the incredibly convenient”between 8:00A.M. and 12:00P.M. arrival time.” I salted the steps and even made the bed so that the installation man wouldn’t think we were wild animals.  At 9:30A.M. I received a phone call.  “Due to inclimate weather we are going to have to reschedule today’s appointment.” NOOO. Why god, why? I was severely annoyed, especially since we had been waiting for a whole month and being charged for it! (Ignore those “free move” commercials for directv that you see.  They are all lies.) So now I have to take another morning off from work tomorrow and hopefully they will make it to our house without any issues.  The roads were fine, btw.

This is Wilkes Barre, but the roads in Plymouth are ok, too.  Whatever.  Ok, I’m done venting about Directv.  For today.

I have a dinner shift at the Applebeast tonight.  Pray for good tips!!!



  1. I was on public square this weekend, posing for family photo in strapless, short dress. Thanks Dad.

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