Why can’t humans hibernate?

I feel that Mother Nature played a nasty trick on us when she allowed the bears to hibernate through the winter and not humans.  How awesome would it be to eat like a maniac for a month or so, proceed find yourself a nice cave, curl up and sleep until spring?  I feel this idea is even better than Spain’s siesta, another entirely unfair concept in its own right.

Obviously right now I am EXHAUSTED.  I have worked both my full-time day job and Applebees night shifts two days in a row and it definitely takes a toll on me (25+ hrs in two days).  When I am at Applebees I don’t really eat (they make us pay for our food at half price and I honestly do not find any of it that appealing) so when I come home at 11pm I eat whatever crap is there, or not at all.  I don’t get to bed until 12:00am or later, then wake up at 6:45am.  I feel like I could use 6 more hours of sleep and lots of vegetables.

I got a nice green salad and an apple from Circles on the Square for lunch.  After work I am going to see Black Swan with my friend Adrienne, so I plan on entering my bed immediately when I get home.  Hopefully.

If all else fails, there is always the option to purchase a bear suit and hope no one notices.



  1. I hear ya! I wish I could hibernate too…hopefully you’ll be able to rest soon 🙂

    Can’t wait to see Black Swan. I heard it’s demented…my fav quality in a movie

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