The Black Swan Review

So last night Adrienne and I went to see the much-anticipated Black Swan.  I had seen the trailer for this movie months ago and thought that it looked excellent.  The critical acclaim also convinced me to see this.   People are raving about the film and the Oscar buzz for Natalie Portman is already starting.  That being said, the movie was not what I expected.  Overall I would say it was a decent movie.  It was entertaining to an extent, but the director’s efforts at portraying symbolism were just too obvious.  Light vs. dark, good vs. evil,  the ballet vs. real life.  Natalie Portman was the image of innocence, poise and discipline, while Mila Kunis was sexy, irreverent and fun.  Over the course of the film Portman went from wearing white leotards to grey to black and being a badass who does drugs, flips out at her creepy mom and has lesbian sex, all the while losing her damn mind.  The mental illness portrayal was what honestly gave the movie its entertainment value.  You never knew what was going to come from the depths of her crazy mind next. An interesting twist of irony in the film came from Winona Ryder’s character who said, incredulously, “You stole all my things?” I got a chuckle out of that.

Overall, it was a creepy film that made me feel like I was in an 11th grade English class looking for symbols and themes.

Also, I was in bed by 10:30.  Hooray! I hope I get an early dismissal today.  For real.


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