Try New Things.

So last night I made a discovery: I actually like lobster. My whole childhood I was a VERY picky eater.  I ate noodles, raviolis from a can, grilled cheese, pbj, cereal and any candy/cake/junk food I could get my hands on.  I am the baby of the family by six years so I really don’t think my parents had the energy to convince me to expand my palate.  When my mom would try to make me eat veggies or something weird like, god forbid, meatloaf, I would cry, gag, plead, give the rest of the meal to my sisters, or, my favorite trick: I would chew a bite then spit it out and throw it in the newspaper recycling bag next to my seat at the dinner table.  Only now do I realize how awfully disgusting this is.  At the time I just thought I was being crafty.

I digress.  Because of these bad food habits, it took me a very long time to actually expand my food groups and appreciate vegetables and meats.  I now eat mostly everything, but it has taken me many many baby steps to get to this point.  For instance, last night was dollar lobster tail night at Bankos, a local seafood restaurant that people in the area rave about.  My friends from Applebees wanted to go, so I went. And tried the lobster.  And it was DELICIOUS. Who knew.  So I will keep on keeping on with the “new” foods in my life.  I am slowly acquiring a taste for fresh veggies, not just canned string beans.  My body needs them and being healthy is a priority for me now, it is not something that I had ever really thought of before.

Corresponding with my “try new things” theme this week, I am going to a new Zumba class at a new studio in Wilkes Barre.  The instructor, Christy Galliford (Website here ),is amazing and I cannot wait to see her new routines.  I may even stay for ab lab… here’s hoping.



  1. I AM SO HAPPY YOU TRIED LOBSTER AND LOVED IT!! It is one of my all time favorites. You have inspired me to try Zumba!!

  2. Zumba sounds like so much fun, I need to try it! You have been missing out on Lobster – girl its so good. Lobster tail, lobster ravioli, lobster chowder…okay I’ll stop now.

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