Veggie Questions

This past week I have been adding raw sugar snap peas to my salads.  I love them, but became concerned today while wondering if they were ok to eat whole, pod and all.  Thank goodness for for google.  It is perfectly fine to eat the entire sugar snap pea.  I highly encourage everyone to try these on salads or even just plain raw as a snack.

Last night’s Zumba was phenomenal.  Christy’s new studio is super cute, she turns on wall and floor lamps and turns off the awful overhead fluorescents for a fun atmosphere.

We did new routines to “Carry Out” and “Club Can’t Handle Me” in addition to the usual Zumba-y, salsa-esque music.  I will DEFINITELY return to this studio for more classes.  I have work at Applebees tonight… and then there’s lotsa snow on its way to our area (supposedly).  Fingers crossed for a snow day!!!



  1. I really enjoy both those songs. I hope you will come to Hburg and grind at Molly B’s to them. I’d like to learn the moves in my tiny living room prior to going out. Thank you.

    • oh, absolutely. your living room is “cozy,” not tiny.

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