Occupational Hazard

So something scary/creepy happened to me today on my lunch.

My office is typically closed from noon to one for lunch, but I have been having my lunch at my desk lately to save $.  A man walked in, looking like he hadn’t showered in weeks, asking for Jon, who he said was his attorney.  I told him that Jon was on lunch (as was the other attorney) and that I was the only person there, to call back later.  He proceeded to tell me his was manic depressive and that he needed Jon immediately.  He wouldn’t leave despite my efforts to politely get him out the door.  I didn’t like being alone with this guy.  He then switched topics by asking me if I knew what “porno” was.  I told him that he was being inappropriate and that it was time to leave.  He kept asking.  Then apologizing and rambling.  Finally the phone rang (THANK GOD) and he left.  I need to locate my pepper spray and start carrying it again.

My weekend was not as exciting as my lunch break was.  Thankfully.  Both my team (the Colts) and J$’s team (the Eagles) lost their respective playoff games.  I worked at the Applebeast Saturday during the day and then went out to the Press Box with one of Justin’s old friends and his girlfriend.  She is my hair stylist and was chastising me for not being in to see her in a while.  Sorry I am busy and poor.  Beauty is the first to go, I guess.  She is trying to convince me to put a blue extension in my hair.  Sadly, I do not think that I am edgy enough to pull it off.  It sounds like  a cool concept, though.  Maybe then creepy clients will think I am a badass and leave me alone…..

Also occurring Saturday night was the creation of the World’s Greatest Drink.  Whipped cream vodka, a splash of cranberry juice, and soda water.  It will change your life.  Or just be delish.  Try one.


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  1. CRAZY lunch break ha! I think you could totally pull off the extension. THanks for the recommendation of mixing marinera and alfredo…brilliant. Hope you are having a great day!

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