Impending Doom

Ok, ok… so my title might be slightly dramatic.  But the snow is on its way. No big deal, I mean it is mid-January.  Except it is a big deal for me because this means that Directv will cancel. Again.  I honestly do not know how much longer I can survive without television.  And I am almost certain that J$ will lose his shit when they cancel again.  It is just so friggen frustrating.  We still have a 7 inch baby TV that only receives the local channels, so it’s not as though we are completely cut off.  But I need my shows.  Especially those of the trashy variety (i.e. Jersey Shore, Greek, Pretty Little Liars, etc).

Anyways.  For those outdoorsmen (and women!) out there, Cabela’s is having their winter clearance in case you are in the market for a sweet hoodie or some fishing equipment. (I got some soft bait for my summer fishing supplies for $1.88!!)

I’ve become so lame. I know.  Now it’s off to Applebees for the night shift…. blah.


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