Stop Judging Me.

So this is what I woke up to this morning.  Negative 2 degrees. Sometimes living in Northeastern PA (aka the Arctic Circle) sucks.  Today was one of those days.

This weekend was generally a good time.  We ordered some Pizza Stone pizza (it’s amazing), I watched the Black Knight for the first time (yes, i KNOW, everyone saw it as soon as it came out – I take awhile with these things), and worked at Applebees (naturally).  I am working there AGAIN tonight.  I am in desperate need of a new work shirt (mine may or may not have holes in it) so I went to Kmart over my lunch to search for one.  The only black dress shirt they had in the store was a men’s shirt.  So I bought it. It was $6.00.  So go ahead and judge me.  On a related note, the women’s clothes that they had there surprised me.  They have some cute sweaters for sale. I may go back and stock up.   Kmart- who knew?



  1. LOVE the Black Night!! AHH so so cold, you poor thing! I have bought many mens clothing items before ha! That pizza place sounds amazing!

  2. The Black Knight or the Dark Knight?

    • lol the Dark Night. although the Black Knight sounds like either a. the generic version, like how walmart has “dr thunder” instead of “dr pepper” or, b. a porno staring an african american batman.

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