best. news. ever.

The new season of Jersey Shore is to be filmed in Italy.  Beautiful.  I cannot think of anything more mind-numbingly entertaining.

God love her.


My taste in television leaves much to be desired, clearly.  Shows I make my poor defenseless boyfriend endure (he loves Jersey Shore, btw) include: Jerseylicious, the Bad Girls Club, Gossip Girl, Greek, Glee and EACH and EVERY episode of The Real Housewives. I know, I have a college degree and this is the nonsense to which my brain is subjected.  We also watch Modern Family, SVU and Greys, but I think he legit enjoys those (he just secretly enjoys the aforementioned crap).

My boss just called me to ask me to read him the weather forecast.  Also file this under “why yes I do have a college degree.”

Hopefully work is over soon and I am snuggling under a blanket watching last night’s Gossip Girl before I realize it. Applebees called me to work as a hostess tonight.  I told them that I couldn’t work because I would burn down the building I didn’t have my uniform with me and would be an hour late.  Sorry, kids.


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