I’m in love with a pawn show.

So J$ is a milkman, for those who are not aware.  Not in the sense that he wears a white cap and delivers milk door to door in glass bottles (that is no longer done in America, btw. Just in the Old Maid card game.)

(My Old Maid cards were way sweeter… I texted my mom for a picture of them, but as of this post I have no response.  Oh well.  You get the idea.)

Anyways, Justin lugs gallons of milk around from 6am until 2:30pm and is pretty exhausted when he gets home so he typically naps in the afternoon.  When I got home at 5:30 last night he was still napping, so I laid down as well in an effort to chat with him and make him get up and keep me company (sometimes I am like a four year old).  I ended up falling asleep only to wake at 7:00.  I had no idea if it was morning or night and I was in a panic.  I HATE when that happens.  So I watched Gossip Girl until I felt right again.  I have a feeling that Dan and Blair may hook up which would be super strange.  Even stranger than the threesome he had with Hilary Duff Olivia and Vanessa.

By far the highlight of my evening was discovering this GEM of a television show from J$’s friend Steve the Beave:

It is about a pawn shop in Detroit, MI, and everyone is a maniac.  Clearly I am in love.  It is sort of sad/depressing that the people of Detroit who are already broke are pawning their personal items (wedding rings, televisions, furniture, etc.) and then going next door to the casino to try and “flip” their money, but they are making their own decisions to do so.  And trust me, hilarity ensues.  Watch this nonsense and you will DEFINITELY feel better about your life.


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