No, I did not die in the snow storm.

Yes, I know I have been a bad blogger.  (I know that KL of is secretly thinking this.)  I prefer to blog from my work desk and I haven’t been here for a few days.

So NEPA was included in the massive weather altercation that happened this past week.  Since I made the really smart decision to live at the top of a hill, I was unable to drive anywhere because of the snow.  So I had to entertain myself at home.  The past few days have included:

1. Shoveling

2. Meeting the neighbor’s three jack-a-pugs.  I REALLY wanted to steal all of them.

3. Watching lots of Housewives.

4. Watching lots of Hardcore Pawn. (I love Les Gold. Sorry J$.)

5. Slipping and falling on the ice. Of course.

6. Cleaning my house so that it no longer looked like an episode of hoarders.  I even mopped the bathroom floor.  I’d make such a great housewife….


I am actually partially relieved to be back at work today.  The roads were ok.  I still drove in four wheel drive.


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  1. I bit my tongue 😉

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