Team Sammi

First of all, how much of a d*ck was Ronnie last night to Sammi?! I know that they fight like, ALL the time and that she can be a major b-word, but he was just ridic and heartless in last night’s episode.  Poor Sam.  Men can be cruel.

Now that we got the world’s most important news out of the way, let’s discuss Egypt.  While on the Big E (elliptical, duh) this morning I learned about a 76 year old Texan woman who is currently living in Tahrir Square and had armed herself with a rolling pin.  Don’t mess with Texas.  But for real, can’t we get her out of there or something? Anywho… it is really interesting to watch a revolution occur live via the 24 hour news cycle.  Let’s pray for a peaceful and speedy end to the conflict, though.

Hallelujah for the weekend FINALLY getting here!! (Who am I kidding, I had two days off for the snow.) I cannot wait to have a Saturday off from Applebeast! Zumba with Adrienne and Nikki, here I come.  Superbowl picks?  I really do not care.  The Colts aren’t in it so I may not even watch.  Plus Steelers fans are mildly obnoxious around here.  I’m more interesting in Sam v. Ronnie at the moment 🙂



  1. Transitioning from Jersey Shore to Egypt…that takes talent girl.

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