I would generally consider myself a morning person.  I really always have been.  I remember back in high school we would have to be in home room by 7:45 to watch Channel One News (shout out to all who recall this! ).

I would leave my house by 6:45. I know.  This means I would wake up at 6:00A.M. In high school.  And I didn’t mind it.  I ate breakfast, watched the news at home, and actually cared about doing my hair.

If I could do it then, why not now?  For the past few days (minus the weekends) I have been getting up at 6:00A.M.  for the gym.  Today I took J$ to work because the roads were slightly sketchy.  Then I went to the gym, then got ready for work and looked like a normal human instead of a mess that woke up 30 minutes prior to clock in time.

I honestly FEEL better in early mornings.  I was happily chatting with J$ in the car.  I think I am in such a good mood because when it’s that early, what can really go wrong to put you in a bad mood for the day?



  1. I’ll tell you what can go wrong so early. When you go to the YMCA at 6 am and someone is on the one machine that is your fav. JK. You just get over it and go to another one.

  2. I TOTALLY REMEMBER CHANNEL ONE!!! That is hilarious!! I am definitely a morning person too and my workouts are always so much better when I go early!!

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