Valentine’s Weekend

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I had quite the weekend.

My friend Nikki turned 21.
I haven’t gone out like that in a LONG time.  It was definitely fun, though.  Even J$ was dancing, if that gives you any indication. A huge thank you to his mother for playing taxi driver. Always have a DD, kids.

Saturday resulted in sitting on the couch, catching up on all my TV for the week.  (The Office was HILARIOUS.) We had free meal cards for Logans so our only outing was lunch.  Productive.  Oh and I did a load or two of laundry.

Sunday was designated as Valentine’s Day for me and the Mr. J$ since I have to work tonight at Applebees. He actually went to church with me (bonus: the walls did not crumble upon his entry), I got to be a spectator at his basketball game and then we went to Pasquale’s, a legit Italian restaurant.  I got the veal which was ok.  He got the seafood Fra Diavlo which he claims was the “best meal of his life.”  Oh and I also got the tiramisu and two glasses of wine.  Today is a HUGE detox day for me after that weekend (the elliptical and I had some quality time this morning, as well as the GD arc trainer).

Oh, and it is 50 degrees and sunny in Wilkes-Barre, PA today. HALLELUJAH. Go play outside.  Do it for me since I am unable to due to the fact that I will be serving the lovers of NEPA riblets and chicken finger baskets. FML. 



  1. YAY FOR GOOD WEATHER!! Bummer you have to work tonight! Girl, you look gorgeous!! Your saturday sounds like the perfect day to me…TV:) ‘The walls did not crumble upon his entrance’ you are absolutely hilarious and I love it! Have a great night and make lots of money!

  2. OMG, I seriously laughed so hard at drunk Jim & Pam. And then I watched Modern Family and lol’d at Dylan.

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