It’s a Greek miracle

I have tried Greek yogurt probably 4 or 5 different times in the past and always thought it was gross.  I cannot get past the texture. Today I tried Chobani Champions, the Greek yogurt made for children.  And it was awesome.  It had the consistency of normal yogurt with all the healthy proteins of Greek yogurt.

I got the Verry Berry. It was delish.

Tonight I think that I am going to Zumba all by myself. (Just like Celine.) Dar has a doctor’s appt, Adrienne and her man are celebrating V-day a few days late and Nikki just turned 21 so when I asked her to go to Zumba she simply replied “No. Booze.” Oh. Ok.   I don’t know why I am so terrified to go to a workout class solo.  I go to the gym solo.  I can do this, too.  J$ said “going alone will allow you to concentrate more.”  Because shaking it and dropping it like its hot requires undivided focus.  Shit I can do those moves in my sleep, homes. 😉



  1. ah, you’ll be fine, i’ve gone to classes by myself before. just befriend the middle-aged people.

    • the middle-aged ladies are territorial at this place.

  2. Mmmm yes Chobani Champions is fantastic. There’s a chocolate banana flavor that used to be out too that was ridiculous. I eat Stoneyfield baby yogurt (called YoBaby) on a regular basis. Children’s yogurt just has better flavors, period.

    • I agree… I really wanna try the honey banana flavor flav next!

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