Oh, it snowed?

So yesterday I received a surprise snow storm.  I have been residing in the black hole otherwise known as Applebees all weekend and had no idea that we were getting ten inches of the fluffy white stuff.  This resulted in my receiving a day off, yay! (Most people had President’s Day off anyways.)

I spent the day shoveling and catching up on my shows.  The Office was hilarious.  Go watch “Threat Level Midnight” immediately.  Learn how to do “The Scarn.”  On a related note, if anyone takes the spot that I shoveled out for my Jeep, I may be going to jail for awhile.  I shoveled that spot so therefore I have a right to protect it like it is my own. 

Ok, maybe I wouldn’t go this far… (Who am I kidding? I told J$ to bring some extra milk crates home so we can fashion a barricade against the neighbors.)

But for real. Don’t take my spot. Heard?

I worked at the restaurant 30 hours from Saturday-Monday night.  And I volunteered to work tonight as well.  What the hey is wrong with me? Oohh yeah… I’m poor.



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  1. Let’s do the Scarn next time we’re at whiskey business

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