For the love of Charlie Sheen, please no more work.

Ok so I have been MIA for the past 56 days (ok  4 or 5) because I have been a hard little worker bee.  In addition to my 40 hour Monday through Friday Shtick, I have been working my tail feather off at Applebees.  When I was hired there I told them that I only wanted 2, maybe 3 shifts per week so that I could have a supplemental income for “fun money” and get out of the house to prevent me from getting bed sores in front of my DVR.

Well. Last week two people quit Applebees (without notice), one girl ran over her own foot and another got hit by a car.  I couldn’t make this shiz up if I wanted to.  This translates into lots of hours placed onto my schedule without management asking me.  Thirty hours in one weekend, actually. So, like the badass trooper that I am, I manned up and worked.  As a result I was beyond exhausted. Like, unable to function/do laundry/make dinner/passed out on the  couch tired.

I don’t want to sound like a whiney beast.  I am very very very grateful that I am healthy and able to work and that in this economy I have the opportunity to make money. But trust me when I say that I am beyond excited to have this weekend off for Heather’s bridal shower and the Eastern Outdoors Show.  Someone remind me to buy a card for that….




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  1. I like title.

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