Why can’t I be independently wealthy

My life is too much for me right now, so I’ll simply form a list with what is going on:

  1. Still no new laptop. Saving $$ is going well, though.
  2. I worked 34 hours last week for Applebees. 40 at my “Real Life” full time job.  74 hours.  No big deal.
  3. J$ BROKE HIS ARM playing basketball Sunday. Large cast. Sigh. Now I have to dress him, bathe him, make all his meals. I do feel bad, he is in lots of pain.  I took a photo but left my camera at home due to the unfortunate fact that I am slowly losing my mind.
  4. I am sick of dealing with rude drug dealers today.  Please stop yelling at me, you were the one who when choosing a career plan went with “crack dealer.”

That’s all for now.  I actually have tonight off.  Hooray for mental health.


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