That was me last night. Unproductive.  Tuesday night was my only night off all week. (I know, I’m an infant and I whine all the time.) I figured I would go home, get some laundry done, clean up, make dinner and go to Best Buy to visit my future laptop to see if I really like her and wanna take her home.

Well I got home at 5:15, per usual and J$ was on pain pills and sleeping, saying “I only need 20 more minutes.”  I made the mistake of laying down for these 20 min.  We woke up at 7:45ish. Whoops. Apparently I needed a nap.

Oh, and here’s the loopy J$ who really is enjoying his vicodin:

He loves being featured on the blog, that poor cripple.

Anyways, we made some “Hamburger Assistant” and then went to Best Buy, only to discover that it apparently closes at 9pm, not 10.  Lame.  To make the most of the situation, we went to Friday’s for margaritas.  Obviously.  And that was my night.  The laundry will get done this weekend.  Scout’s honor.


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