big news

I FINISHED MY LAUNDRY AND CLEANED MY HOUSE!! haha jk, that should never be big news for a fully-functioning 25 year old human being.  But it does look a billion times better at my place now.

My Big Exciting News is that I received a job offer!! I interviewed for the position about a week and a half ago and found out last Thursday that I was selected for the position.  Very exciting.  This also means full-time benefits and a 401k and vacation days!! Holler.  I went out to celebrate.  Adrienne assisted.

She’s a good friend who will play 80 Usher songs on the juke box to help you celebrate on a Thursday.

Needless to say I was draggginnnggg on Friday.  Thankfully I had the weekend to recoup.  Now it is back to a dinner shift at the big Applebeast this evening.  Oh, an I switched my availability to Saturday and Wednesdays since I got the new job.  Changes go into effect in two weeks.  Be super-proud of me!!



  1. SUPER proud of you. 🙂

    I like that picture of you and Adro. It’s cute. Good job in P-town.

  2. Congrats ont he job offer!

  3. Congrats on the job offer!

    • thanks so much!! I’m excited!!!

  4. yes! what’s the job?

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