Oh late March thinks it wants to snow.

Apparently the weather gods thought that they would play a funny joke by calling for 3-7 inches of snow for tonight.  This leads me to wonder “WTF, its spring/march/almost easter.”  But I don’t make the rules so I will shovel if need be.

Adrienne is coming over tonight to assist me with my taxes.  I know, I know. I procrastinate. Thank the good Lord above that she is an accountant (well, once she graduates in May) and knows her stuff.

I sent in my job offer acceptance letter today so it is now official! No turning back now.  Also, in related news, my current boss requested that I draft a “help wanted” ad to fill my own position.  I’m guessing that “You must be as fabulous, witty and charming as my previous secretary” is not an acceptable job advertisement.  He may need to do a few edits.

Oh, and J$ got his “real” cast on last night. Another 5 weeks of dressing him and washing his hair.  He got a black cast so I cannot bug him to let me write on it.  I told him that I’m getting a silver sharpie and writing on it in his sleep.  Don’t tell me no.


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  1. J$ “seeing rain”

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