Back to life.

So… this is awkward.

I stopped posting last year in April when I got my new job because I had done all of my blogging while actually at work… I know, I know.  Once I started my new job it was considerably more fast-paced and, thankfully, I didn’t have downtime to blog.  I am going to make a pact with myself to begin dedicating more of my free time to being productive and less to watching the Real Housewives of Wherever.

I know, Ms. Killoren Bensimon.  I’m not nice.

Geographically I am still in the same place as last year.  J$ and I still reside in ole’ Plymouth. Emotionally and professionally, I feel as though I have grown exponentially.  Having a “real job” with “real co-workers” provides countless lessons that I hope to touch on here and there throughout various posts.

One of the most predominant lessons that I have learned is to let go living for someone else.  I know that I need to do what is best for me, first and foremost and stop trying to make someone else accept me or approve of me.   The people in my life, from my boyfriend to my dog to my friends, are here by choice and not by default.

I’m not on some crazy quest for self-discovery or improvement.  My goal is simply to document my life in order to hold myself accountable for the mistakes made in figuring life out.   And to have something to do while my boyfriend naps for 3 hours a day.



  1. Welcome back friend. I am very happy you have returned to blogging.

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