Meet Lola!


So here is Ms. Lola.  She is our “new” dog, acquired in July.  She was originally my mom’s, but Lola had a bit too much “spirit” for her, so she told me very nicely “get your dog out of here.”  So Lola made the Big Move to Plymouth from York and seems to be quite pleased with her new home.

I’m going to be That Annoying Blogger and tell you ALL ABOUT MY DOG. Lola is a Beagle-Sheltie mix.  Personally, I think that she resembles a Welsh Corgi with slightly longer legs.  Lola is afraid of most new things, including, but not limited to, telephone poles, rides in the car, steam radiators, brooms, fishing poles, dumpsters, laundry baskets and the bath tub.   She REALLY likes attention and will do everything within her power to get me or J$ to pet her.  Naturally Lola sleeps in bed with us, wherever she pleases.  I really let her get away with anything due to the fact that my mom kept her in a 4’x6′ room for 8-10 hours per day for the first 4 years of her life.  She isn’t technically “bad,” she doesn’t destroy furniture or do her business in the house.  She just has a few special needs which mainly revolve around her constant need for affection.  Also, she sheds a lot.  Like too much. All over.

We have been hard at work trying to expose Lola Pants to new things and experiences.  There is an entire world out there that she needs to check out and explore. Lola’s new favorite activities include swimming:



And also camping:


She really is the best.  Hope you loved learning about my Lola!



  1. So adorable!

    • Thanks! She’s a treat.

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