Time to watch some (Pennsylvania) indie flicks.

This weekend was glorious in that for the first time since early December, I had nothing to do.  Nothing planned.  No parties to attend or host.  No travelling to do or travelers to host.  Just me, Lola and the DVR.  I had recorded two films this past week, Blue Valentine and Lebanon, Pa.  Both were filmed here in Pennsylvania so I was interested to see what they were all about.

“Indie flicks” really aren’t my thing, but these two films were interesting.

Lebanon, Pa. touched on teen pregnancy and the values of a small town in south-central Pennsylvania (only 30 miles from where I grew up in York, PA).  It reminded me of home and the judgments of the church and school in which I was raised.  I’d recommend it for a lazy afternoon.

Blue Valentine was a more serious film.  All of the reviews I had previously read on this movie said that it was “awkward” and “uncomfortable.”  Upon viewing, I can see why.  It is about a real relationship.  Not a fairy tale or chick flick relationship, a real life, lower class relationship.  The relationship of two twenty-somethings is documented from inception to demise.  That demise, unfortunately, is terrible.  The human emotions of frustration and desperation are forefront and it simply reminded me of reality. Sometimes two people cannot survive together on love alone.  Life is not a fairy tale. Sometimes you just cannot stand to look at that one person you were once so intensely crazy about.  People are inherently selfish. That is the essence of this movie.  And it does not have a happy ending.

It was an awful film in the sense that it made me feel terrible.  It made my soul hurt.  But it was done so well that I loved it.  And Michelle Williams was spectacular. You should probably watch it.

I hope everyone else’s weekend was as cheerful as mine!


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