A Few Thoughts

It’s Monday, I’m sick and at work.  I have no cohesive thoughts, just a few random ones:

1. I no longer take Ludacris seriously. 

Not that I ever really did, but I feel that he has lost some “street cred” since the collaboration with Jason Aldean and his portrayal of a cop in New Years Eve.

Because, you know, I am the authority on street cred. So hood it hurts.

2. Pennsylvania and college football lost a legend this weekend. 

RIP, JoePa.

I always had a soft spot for JoePa because he reminded me of my late father. A short Italian man with giant glasses.

My ex-bf went to PSU so I’ve spent a lot of time on the campus and saw JoePa driving around once.  He looked like he should not be driving.

Enjoy football heaven.

3. The Pioneer Woman is my new idol.

I never really followed PW.  I knew of her, had seen her on The Today Show, and glanced over her blog once or twice.  Last weekend I was browsing through the DirecTV guide and saw that she had a show.  I started watching it and LOVED it.  She’s funny and cooks real country food.  And is married to a cowboy and has well-mannered country children.

The hillbilly in me lives for all that flannel.  Adorable.

J$ and I watched this week’s episode, which featured  chili-stuffed bell peppers.  He then asked why I didn’t make him amazing food like that.  So I did.  And it looked EXACTLY like this:

Isn’t my stoneware lovely?  And those fresh-cut flowers came straight from my garden.  Which is currently under 4 inches of snow.

Happy Monday.


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