Wine and Chicken Wing Dip

The above-captioned items may or may not be my chosen dinner for this evening.  Judge me.

I really do not care who wins the Super Bowl.  I’m in love with Peyton Manning (J$ knows about us) and he didn’t play this season, much less lead the Colts to the big game.  The only thing he led them to was a first-round draft pick.  So I guess I want the Giants to win so little bro Eli will win.

Hello, gentlemen.  Of course I will join you for iced tea and light appetizers.

Also, I hate Tom Brady with a fiery passion for what he did to a (pregnant) Bridget Moynahan.  Leaving a pregnant lady for a Victoria’s Secret supermodel is unforgivable.

You tell him, Peyton.

Anyways.  This weekend was spent torturing my poor dog.

Lola got a Valentine’s Day fleece.  She is single and ready to mingle.  J$ was not a fan of her new outfit.  I’m really unsure why.  I’m also confused why I am 26 and this has become an acceptable Saturday evening.  I’m really cool.

Speaking of really cool, my other big purchase this weekend was an organizer for my coupons.  It’s super important to keep the “frozen food” items away from the “dairy” items.  I used it this afternoon.  Saved $12 in coups.

Ok, it’s time to watch the game and hope for the worst for Brady.  Sorry Pats fans.


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