Baby Shower!!

This past weekend I went home to assist with and attend my niece Madison’s baby shower. (She is due April 9!)

Home = York, PA. This is 130 miles away from the Wilkes-Barre area (about 2 hours by car) so if I go home, I usually stay overnight.  Driving there and back in one day is too much.  Especially when I have Lola riding shot-gun.

Lola has her own seat belt attachment to allow her to ride in cars.  She sits in the front seat because she is a spoiled little jerk.

Also included in my trip home was a stay in the guest room’s twin bed.

My sister got home before me and claimed my old room and my former, more spacious full bed.  This is fine, though.  I did not mind the twin.  Reminded me of my youth.

The baby shower was pretty normal as far as baby showers go.  There were games:


And way too much food:

My sister made all the cookies and cupcakes from scratch.  She is really talented and creative.  Those diaper pin cookies had fondant accents. I mean, come on.  My skills include knowing every state’s capital and being a Notary Public.

Oh, and obviously there was a cake:

Oh and someone else who is a far more creative person that I made these centerpieces.  They are baby buggies made of diapers and have baby wash cloths inside of them:

When I finally made it home last night I was too exhausted to even move off the couch.  It took legitimate effort to get upstairs.  And now I feel like I missed out on a weekend.  Someone please do the rest of my laundry.  And fill out  my college basketball bracket for work.  I’m so tired, I may just pick Lehigh to win it all. Tiny Pennsylvania private universities F.T.W.


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