And now I will show you how to be a hillbilly

Step 1:

Live with this man:

The end. Those are all of the steps required.

Sometime our loud neighbors are out and we are the types who enjoy avoiding small talk with people we are forced to live alongside, so to enjoy some peace and quiet and play with Lola outside, we will sit on the back porch.  I made the comment that I wished I had a lounge chair or something more comfy than the small bench or the steps to sit upon.  J$ quickly went inside and emerged with his boat chair (please note that he does not own a boat) and promptly attached it to the bench.

It was a proud moment.

Lola could not have been less interested.  She was concentrating on freeing herself from her chain to go and play with the angry Boxer in the next yard.

That awful patch of gross grass will grow back into green during the summer and our yard will look less white-trashy.  (The boat chair/bench was immediately removed.)

And that is how we enjoyed our lovely afternoon outside.


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