Saturday Night Bingo: A New Low

It is 10:00pm on a Saturday and I have spent my evening playing Bingo.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the bingo was played on a facebook app.  This is a new low.  Also, I have not showered today or changed out of sweat pants.  Please schedule my intervention now.  Pencil in J$, too.  He’s spent the past 4 hours on xbox.

This couple has a more active life than we do.  We’ve never even seen the beach together.

In other news, baby Peyton is doing well, work is hectic and Lola is still a demanding diva.  Whats that? You would like to see another photo of Lola?  

Hey girlfriend.

Oh, and here is a photo of me and J$ from two years ago, before we lived together and we still went nice places, like concerts in Philly. And I still took care of myself by showering and applying makeup.  (For my family members that may read this – this is clearly a joke.  Obviously I wear makeup and shower or I would have been fired from my job by now for scaring off clients and vendors.)


Valentine’s Day, 2010. A distant memory.

Peace out homies, I gotta go check Words with Friends!



  1. When I saw the title, I thought that you and J$ had attended bingo night at a local church. I was disappointed.

    • Oh no. That would require us to leave the house.

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