Sometimes Summer Isn’t All That Bad

I am admittedly a terrible blogger.  I wish that I could say I have been going on awesome vacations or have been going through life-changing events.  Nope. My best effort at an excuse is that we only have air conditioning in our bedroom so the intense heat saps me of any writing ability when I get home from work.  Strangely I always have enough energy to open a bottle of wine.

Speaking of wine, I have been up to some fun summer-ish events that have been making me almost not hate the summer so much. The first of which was the Back Mountain Wine Festival held yesterday.

That item around my neck would be my new wine holster, a handy contraption that allows you to wear your wine glass as a necklace and have two hands free for other activities such as creeping the internet, doing laundry or taking the dog out.  Obviously I these crafty gypsies had me at hello and I purchased one for the event.  And to wear around the house.  These hot ladies who incidentally enjoy wine more than the average human joined in on the fun with their significant others:

Hot women with wine holsters.  What more could a man ask for?  What’s that you say? A sober girlfriend?  You’re funny.

Last weekend J$ and I attending a Phillies game.

We had decent seats, Cole Hamels was pitching and the game went into extra innings.  The baseball gods hated us that day because the Phillies lost by one and then the gps got us lost in New Jersey when we politely asked it to go home so we ended up at this diner, angry:

I wish this was not the one and only time that J$ and I have left the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania together.  But it was. Over the course of three years.  (The man hates to leave the county, let alone the state.)

Other activities of interest this summer included making bacon and burger wrapped hotdogs (and subsequently dying):

Taking Lola camping:

And taking advantage of the hotter than appropriate weather to dry clothes on the line:

Now I must go reapply aloe on my sunburn and think about how awesome the fall (and football season) will be for my skin and electric bill.


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