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Lessons From My Mother

With the thought of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday in mind, I have been reflecting on the wisdom imparted to me by my own dear mother. I feel like everyone has a few stock words of wisdom that were standbys of their own mothers.  These are a few that I now realize at 26 years …

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We are the individuals that we are today as a result of events which occur in our lives.  Events shape us. Job offers. Births. Deaths. Graduations, or lack thereof.  These events define us as people. I am who I am as a result of an extremely particular string of events. I can say with a …

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Baby Shower!!

This past weekend I went home to assist with and attend my niece Madison’s baby shower. (She is due April 9!) Home = York, PA. This is 130 miles away from the Wilkes-Barre area (about 2 hours by car) so if I go home, I usually stay overnight.  Driving there and back in one day …

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