Party Tunes.

T/F – I came to work 20 minutes early to blast DMX and Flo Rida while blogging.

Oh, you chose true?  You know me too well.

My playlist also consists of:

September – Earth, Wind & Fire

Single Ladies – Beyonce

Bust a Move – Young M.C.

International Love – Pitbull

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Regulate – Warren G, Nate Dogg

I’m so cool sometimes I cannot stand it.

Oh, and last night I went to J$’s grams for dinner and we played dirty bingo.

Yeah, no.

Our version of the game awarded prizes of tooth paste, tic-tacs and key chains.  I was a little too pumped about winning toothpaste. Hey, that will save me like $3.50 at the grocery store.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

Happy Hump Day!


Spring Time?!

Sooo I am FINALLY feeling back to myself.

Work is crazy.  I think I learn something new every day. (No complaints here, though.  I would rather be swamped at work and stressed over unemployed and considering stripping or hooking.)

Real posts to come later.

I just wanted to stop by and confirm that my common cold did not kill me.  It DID make me lose 75% of my hearing and make me wish i had an ear horn.


This was me at work last week. Quality employee.

Anyways, I’m pumped for longer days and warmer weather so I can play outside with J$ and Lola and start catching some sweet bass.

Ok, maybe just sit by the water and read a fun book.



So last Friday J$ and I agreed to babysit for his sister’s two young kids, one of whom was ill.  And, despite being 4 years old, unable to blow his own nose. Which meant that I had the lucky task of “assisting” him.

And now here I sit (lay) on day 3 of an awful cough-turned-head cold, wanting to die, unable to taste food and whining to poor J$ about how terrible I feel.  That is one of the wonders of having a boyfriend.  You get to act like an infant when sick.   He’s been a great help, though.  Today he ran to the store for Lola’s food and even brought me Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a treat.  What a guy.

What do sick people do?  I have read all the blogs (yes, each and every one on the internet), exhausted my DVR and hulu shows, and played everyone I know in Words With Friends.  I have no desire to eat soup or drink hot tea.  Or do chores.  Someone please put me out of my misery.

Heather “I’m an actress” Dubrow is far to rich and classy to fall ill.

Oh, and if I have to miss work on Monday I am going to be royally PISSED. As I like to say “Calling off is for pussies.”  Ever the lady.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Ughhh I am a terrible blogger.

Tonight I had wanted to blog about Valentine’s Day. Or couponing (my true love). Or Gossip Girl (wtf is going on?).

But instead  I am in bed and watching The Soup, wishing I could be as clever as Joel McHale.

Life has got the best of me these past few days.  Lo siento amigos.

Oh, before I go – does RuPaul not dress in drag anymore?  And why is he/she always on The Soup?

I am tragically out of the loop.  I used to be cool. (<– False.)

Wine and Chicken Wing Dip

The above-captioned items may or may not be my chosen dinner for this evening.  Judge me.

I really do not care who wins the Super Bowl.  I’m in love with Peyton Manning (J$ knows about us) and he didn’t play this season, much less lead the Colts to the big game.  The only thing he led them to was a first-round draft pick.  So I guess I want the Giants to win so little bro Eli will win.

Hello, gentlemen.  Of course I will join you for iced tea and light appetizers.

Also, I hate Tom Brady with a fiery passion for what he did to a (pregnant) Bridget Moynahan.  Leaving a pregnant lady for a Victoria’s Secret supermodel is unforgivable.

You tell him, Peyton.

Anyways.  This weekend was spent torturing my poor dog.

Lola got a Valentine’s Day fleece.  She is single and ready to mingle.  J$ was not a fan of her new outfit.  I’m really unsure why.  I’m also confused why I am 26 and this has become an acceptable Saturday evening.  I’m really cool.

Speaking of really cool, my other big purchase this weekend was an organizer for my coupons.  It’s super important to keep the “frozen food” items away from the “dairy” items.  I used it this afternoon.  Saved $12 in coups.

Ok, it’s time to watch the game and hope for the worst for Brady.  Sorry Pats fans.

Tale as Old as Time…


This is my Saturday: Me, playing “Be Our Guest” on repeat until my boyfriend gives in and agrees to take me to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.


Things are not going well.

Holler at Your Weekend

After having a gross cold all week I am so happy that it is Friday.  So happy that I am jamming to some Jason Derulo this morning.

Jordin Sparks Jason Derulo

Also I am happy that he and Jordin Sparks are dating. Sometimes I think that celebrities are my friends.

Last night my boyfriend told me that he was very proud of me because we had made meals at home for five nights in a row.  Usually I get lazy and suggest pizza, Wendy’s or Chili’s 2 for 20 (my ultimate guilty pleasure.) But I made a point to make sure that I had sufficient groceries to make meals all week.  Yes, it sucked to come home from working 8 or 9 hours to make a meal, but it really saves money in the long run, not to mention is incredibly healthier.  I try to use the George Foreman grill as much as possible.

This boxer knows what he is doing.

I want to try and use my crock-pot this weekend.  It’s probably feeling neglected with all the attention that the Foreman has been getting.

January Thaw

Here in Wilkes-Barre, PA, all the snow from this weekend has already melted. I took the dog out without putting my winter coat on this morning.  It was 47* yesterday.   I attribute these abnormalities in climate to the January Thaw.  Vanessa told me that she hadn’t ever heard of this before, which surprised me.  I recall many warm January months while growing up, with the temps jumping slightly to melt the snow and allow for some yard work and general confusion.  After doing some research (googling), I learned that the January Thaw isn’t something actually scientific fact, its more a climate folklore, or a weather “singularity.”

See that tiny incline in January?  Phenomenons like this fascinate me.  Just like Indian Summers, balancing eggs on the equinox and Sasquatch.

While we are on the topic, I find it important to note that my boyfriend not only believes that “Squatch” exists, he also believes that he is living at the dam which he fishes and that he heard him jump into the water.  Real life.

Oh, and before I forget, make sure to watch the State of the Union tonight. Perhaps with a brew or two.  Your decision.

A Few Thoughts

It’s Monday, I’m sick and at work.  I have no cohesive thoughts, just a few random ones:

1. I no longer take Ludacris seriously. 

Not that I ever really did, but I feel that he has lost some “street cred” since the collaboration with Jason Aldean and his portrayal of a cop in New Years Eve.

Because, you know, I am the authority on street cred. So hood it hurts.

2. Pennsylvania and college football lost a legend this weekend. 

RIP, JoePa.

I always had a soft spot for JoePa because he reminded me of my late father. A short Italian man with giant glasses.

My ex-bf went to PSU so I’ve spent a lot of time on the campus and saw JoePa driving around once.  He looked like he should not be driving.

Enjoy football heaven.

3. The Pioneer Woman is my new idol.

I never really followed PW.  I knew of her, had seen her on The Today Show, and glanced over her blog once or twice.  Last weekend I was browsing through the DirecTV guide and saw that she had a show.  I started watching it and LOVED it.  She’s funny and cooks real country food.  And is married to a cowboy and has well-mannered country children.

The hillbilly in me lives for all that flannel.  Adorable.

J$ and I watched this week’s episode, which featured  chili-stuffed bell peppers.  He then asked why I didn’t make him amazing food like that.  So I did.  And it looked EXACTLY like this:

Isn’t my stoneware lovely?  And those fresh-cut flowers came straight from my garden.  Which is currently under 4 inches of snow.

Happy Monday.

The GOP makes me LOL

As a general disclaimer, I feel that I need to preface this post with the explanation that at one time in my life, I was a very political person.  In college I majored in Political Science.  In high school I was co-captain of the debate team and very vocal on all of the political issues.  I have seen candidates for president give speeches multiple times.  It is no secret that I am obviously a registered Democrat, although my fervor has waned in recent years.  I guess I just no longer have that idealistic drive and ambition that I once had in my teens and early twenties.  Now at the ripe old age of 26 I still ardently support the Democratic Party, I just have developed a (slight) maturity to look at all issues and take an honest assessment of them.  Not just vote party lines for the sake of my party.

Ok. With that being said, I feel it is safe to say that this year’s batch of Republican candidates are the most ridiculous I have ever seen.  Ever. Allow me to elaborate.

Ron Paul is 76.  At the end of a four year term he would be 80.  Add another term onto that. 84. Do you know what 84 year olds should be doing?  Playing shuffleboard. Or bingo. Watching their “stories.” Not running a nation. Any nation.  Not even Djibouti, let alone the United States of America.

Mitt Romney is a Massachusetts liberal.  I would like him if he would admit that he is actually a Democrat.  Minus the whole “I love money oh so much” deal.  He has a socially liberal mindset of the New England elite that the Bible-belt conservatives won’t stand behind.  How he has become the front runner for the Republican party is confusing.

RINO = Republican In Name Only

Rick Santorum.  I refuse to even google this one for pics.  If you’re that curious why this one is so ridiculous, please refer to this.  It’s offensive.  This man cannot lead our nation.

This leaves us with our dear friend Newt Gingrich. OR, as I enjoy referring to him as, America’s Leading Hypocrite.   Rewind to 1998. Darling Newt lead the fight against President Clinton when he lead the proceedings in the House of Representatives to impeach President Clinton. We all recall the issue at hand was the President’s extramarital affair.  Newt was having his own affair at the time.  He is currently on wife numero tres. Now, I really do not care if the man has had 30 wives.  I’m not here to judge his personal life.  It’s simply confusing that he wants to appeal to “Christian Conservatives” when he has not lived their values systems as an example.  Also he is old and cranky.  And I imagine him yelling “HEY KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN.”

Let’s just leave this to the man to handle.  You know who I mean.